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EFT private cheat - RAGE

game version | Game version: latest
Supported OS only x64 | Supported OS x64 only: Windows 10-11
Supported processors | Supports Processors: Intel, AMD
Supported Modes | Supported Modes: Windowed, Borderless
anticheat | Anti-cheat: BE

Show Box - Draw a box on the player
Filling Box - Fill the box
Health Bar - Shows the player's health
Weapon Info - Shows the player's weapon
Draw names Show player name
Distance - distance to the player
Skeleton - The player's skeleton
Aim bot fov - Shows the radius of the aimbot
Visual distance - (300-1000m)
Player Info - Information about the player
Extraction - Exits from the map
Granades - Grenades
Corpses - Corpses of players
Items - Items
Container - Containers on the map
Provision - Food
Medical - Medicines
Quest items - Quest items

Rarity - Rarity of items
Advanced settings - Loot price setting

Enable - Enable aimbot
Silent - Quiet aimbot
Crosshair - Crosshair
Target Line - Line to the player
Instant aim - Quick aimbot
No Recoil - No recoil/scatter
Weapon Control - Upgrading weapons
Loot Teleport - Teleport loot to the head
Infinity Stamina - Infinite stamina
SpeedHack - Fast run
Night vision - Night vision
No Visor - no visor on helmets
Legit - The most balanced config for a legit game
Rage - Config when a cheater is caught against you
Radar - Small radar on the screen