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EFT private cheat - LEGEND

Built-in Spoofer: Yes
OBS Write Bypass: Yes
Supported Game Modes: Frameless, Windowed
Supported Processors: Intel and AMD
Supported systems: Windows 10 (2004, 20H2, 21H1, 21H2)

Visual features:

Highlighting players
Weapon in hand
Weapon in the hands of the boss
Weapons in the hands of bots
Display aimbot target
Show grenades
Display quest items
Loot in corpses
Top sorting by displayed loot (see screenshots)
Output display
and other...

Regular aimbot
magic bullets
Additional functions:

Infinite Stamina
Remove weapon buildup
Quick aim
Quick study of subjects
Fast loading of cartridges in weapons
Fast discharging weapons
Fast weapon reload
Quick weapon change
Actions with weapons will not slow you down
Make maximum ergonomics for weapons
Remove fault
Weapon master lvl 3
Loot through walls
Add or reduce distance for looting through walls
Remove delay when opening containers
Bullet anti-scatter
Bullet anti-scatter for shotguns
Enable aimbot or magic bullets
Display where bullets fly (hitpoints)
Remove visor
Remove fog on maps
Random aimbot bone when using magic bullets
jump faster
jump further
Character Boost
Quick character turns
crawl fast
Ability to run endlessly
Improved inertia
jump high
Always a sunny day in the game
Bright indoors
big sun in the sky