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INTEL or AMD processor
Windows 10/11
Mode: Bordeless
Streabypass: YES


Bullet Drop Correction
Movement Prediction
Velocity Adjustment
Velocity History

Player Visuals.
Player Box
Player Cross
Player Skeleton
Player Chams
Player Name
Player KD
Player Level
Player Item in Hands
Player Health
Player Total Inventory worth
Player Inventory Display
Player Distance
Player Quest Item Indicator
Player Custom Item Indicator
^^All that are Applicable also, Applies to Bosses and Scavs too^^

World Visuals.
2D Radar: Customizable Size and Scale
Landmine Warning Indicator
Quest Items and Locations
Extract ESP
Shows requirements for extracts
Shows where requirements are: Names and Locations of power switches etc
Filters out extracts that you cannot use
Displays Items you need for active quests
Displays Locations you need for active quests
Place Quest items/beacons instantly without having to wait

Loot Visuals.
Live Market data and prices
Option to change item prices: Live, 24hr Average, 7Day Average or Trader Price
Smart system displays correct Item Pricing
Anti Clutter System: Only displays Item information when hovered
Min price for nearby ground items
Min price for nearby containers
Min price for expensive global containers and items
Pixel and FOV Hover limit
Option to Center or Align Container Loot information
Highest Valuable Item on Map Visual
Player who Holds Highest Item Indicator
Custom Items List

Screen Indicators.
Watermark: fanta.club
Execution Time: Overlay FPS, Code execution timing for cheat and rendering in milliseconds
Aimbot targeted bone
Player count
Bot count
Highest item name and price
2D Radar: Squares for bots, Directional triangles for players
Local Player Info
No Recoil
No Spread
No Sway
No Motion
Remove weapon punch
Remove Weapon Collision
Remove Weapon Malfunctions
Fast Mag Load and Unload
Fast Examine
No Stamina
Remove Speed Restrictions
Remove Physical Condition limitations (Run with Broken legs etc)
No Inertia
Remove Sprint Inhibitors (Sprint through bushes, barbed wire etc)
No Rotation Limits
Thermal Vision
Night Vision
No Visor
Double Search
Instant ADS
Loot Through Walls
Timescale (SpeedHack)
Perception Hearing Buff (Increase footstep sounds etc)
Jump Strength Buff
Jump Strength Buff Weight Multiplier
Time of Day changer
Tracer Rounds
Skeleton Display Ratio
Loot Distance
Door Open Distance
Crouch Speed
Air Speed
Air Lerp (Low Gravity)
Edit Container Open Delay
Grenade Speed
Hotkeys for Virtually Everything
Colour Selection for Virtually Everything

High Risk Features.
Increased Bullet Speed
Reduced Bullet Drop
No Fall / Fly
No Fall Lift: No Fall Lift activation key to go up into the air (4m limit)
Wall Phaser: Go under the ground and explore the map without risk of injury from others