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Game version | Game version: Last [BSG]
Supported AC | Supported anti-cheats : BattlEye + BSG AntiCheat
Supported processors | Supported Processors : Intel & AMD
Supported OS only x64 | Supported OS x64 only: Windows 10 (min 2004)
OBS BYPASS: OBS, Xsplit, Shadowplay
supported modes | Supports modes: Windowed, Borderless

Enable Aim - Enable aim
Fov - Radius for aim
Aim Key - Button for aim
Bone to Aim - Bone for aim
Aim Target - Shows who is aimed at

Infinity Stamina - Infinite Stamina
No Fall Damage - No fall damage

No Recoil - No recoil
No Sway - No scatter
No Breath - No shaky breath

Enable ESP - Turn on the backlight
2D Box - Boxing per player
Head Point - Head of the enemy
Box Type - Box selection
Draw Name - Show player name
Draw BOT - Shows bots
Draw Distance - Distance to the player
Draw Line - Lines to the player
Player Skeleton - Player Skeleton
Draw Text - Text information

Draw Exit - Shows exits
Distance to Door - Distance to exits

Draw Equipment - Shows equipment
Draw Food - Shows food
Draw Money - Shows money
Draw Stimulator - Shows stimulants
Draw Meds - Shows medicine
Draw Container - Shows drawers
Draw Weapon - Shows weapons
Draw Barter - Show trade items
Draw Ammo - Show ammo
Draw Keys - Show Keys
Draw Key Card - Show key card

Loot Price - Loot Price
Loot cost filter - Price Loot
Loot distance filter - Loot Distance
Color exits - Color Exit
The color of all loot elements can be customized!

box color
Skeleton Color
line color
head point color
Fov Color
FPS Overlay