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We offer to buy a private cheat for Escape From Tarkov DOMINATION on our website. This software for Tarkov will delight you with abundant functionality, beautiful display of ESP and other information in the game. Buy the DOMINATION cheat for ETF and enjoy easy raids

Built-in spoofer: Yes
Bypass recording in OBS:No
Supported game modes: Frameless, Windowed
Supported processors: Intel and AMD with AVX2 support
Supported systems:Windows 10 (20H2-22H2) , Windows 11



Show fov-Draws a circle of aimbot radius
Show crosshair - Turns on the crosshair in the center of the screen
Show ammo count - Shows the number of rounds in the magazine
Show fire mode - Shows the fire mode
Show bullet tracers-Draws the trajectory of bullets
Max distance-Distance at which the aim will work


Switch target - Automatically changes target when killing the previous enemy
Fov-Aim's area of operation
Silent-Aim without adjusting the sight on the enemy
Instant hit - Enables instant hit (no waiting for the bullet to fly)
Visible check - Aimbot only works on visible targets
Key-Press button for aim



Chams - Shows the enemy when he is in sight
Radar - Opens a radar window with enemies
Claymores - Shows the location of mines on the map
Exfiltrations - Shows all exits
Grenades-Shows the trajectory of a grenade throw (except smoke ones)
Smoke grenades - Shows the trajectory of smoke grenades thrown
Hide Ai names-Hides the names of bots and petitioners
Max distance - Enemy display distance


Box colored-Changes the color of the frame when the enemy is visible
Skeleton-Draws the enemy's skeleton
Distance-Shows the distance to the player
Name - Shows the player's name
Weapon - Shows the enemy's weapon
Ammo-Shows the amount of ammo the enemy has
Health - Shows the enemy's health


Loot - Enables display of all items
Quest items - Shows quest items
Containers-Shows containers with items
Show circle withc price - Includes a circle with a price on containers
Corpses - Shows corpses with items
Show circle witch price - Shows a circle with the price of a corpse



No visor - Removes the visor effect
High jump-Enable high jump
Infinite stamina
Infinite oxygen
Instant examine-Instant examination of objects
Instant search-Instant search for items in containers
Multi search - Ability to search pockets, unloading and backpack at the same time
Night vision - Includes a basic vision device
Thermal vision - Enables thermal imager mode


No recoil - Disables weapon recoil (shoots at one point)
No sway - Disables weapon swinging
No inertia - Disables weapon inertia
No malfunction - Disables weapon malfunction
Instant ADS - Enables instant aiming
Fast mag.load - Enables fast loading of magazines
Fast mag.unloud - Enables fast magazine discharge
Always shoot - Enables shooting while running


Loot throught walls - Ability to pick up objects through a wall (up to 5 meters)
Time changer - Ability to set the time of day on the map
Battle mod key - When you press the button, everything is removed from the monitor (except opponents)
Menu key-Button to call the program menu

To pay by card, select Stripe from the menu