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Game Version | Game version: BSG Launcher last
Supported OS only x64 | Supported OS x64 only: Windows 10, 11
Supported processors | Supports Processors: Intel, AMD
Supported Modes | Supported Modes: Bolderless
Anticheat | Anti-cheat: BattlEye
Spoofer | Anti-ban: NO TEMPORARY
bypassing the recording stream: ✔

Functional | Functional:


— Player
Box - Show boxes on players
Skeleton - Display player skeleton
Nickname - Display the player's nickname
Price - Displays the price of the entire inventory in players
Health - Display the current level of health
Weapon - Display weapons in the hands
Ammo - Show ammo in weapons
LVL - Player level display
KD - Display player's KD
Distance - Display the distance of the current ESP block
Max Distance (0-1000) - Selection of the backlight distance of the current ESP block
- Quest (Works across the entire map)
Active - Enable highlighting quests
Name - Display the name of the quests
Distance - Display the distance of the current ESP block
- Exit (Works through the entire map)
Active - Enable corpses
Pmc - Show exits for PMCs
Scav - Show scav exits
Only open - Shows only open outputs
Name - Display the output name
Distance - Display the distance of the current ESP block
- MISC -
— Player
No Visor - No effect from the visor
Stamina - Infinite stamina
Oxygen - Infinite oxygen
— Weapon
No Recoil - No recoil
No Sway - No shaking
My Ammo - My ammo
— Other
Draw Fov - Show work radius
Draw Crosshair - Crosshair in the center of the screen
Grenades - Display grenades in flight


All functions in lite version + 

- AIM -
Active - Enable
Silent - Enable silent aim
Bind - Button selection
Bone - Select body part to target (Head/Neck/Сhest/Nearest)
Fov - Pickup radius selection (1-300)
Distance - Selection of work distance (1-500)