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A good cheat with a lot of functionality, we tried to make our cheat for Dayz easy to use and easy to customize. Best price for Dayz cheats of this category.


Supports Windows : WIN8 - WIN10 (64bit)
Windows bilds : Not all assemblies are supported(if you have an error, you need to reinstall Windows (torrent link: https://yadi.sk/d/w1XVbjSpGpYu7g))
Status Battleye : Undetected


Multifunctional cheat - for the game DayZ. The cheat includes functions for a smooth and comfortable game without blocking your game account. Fast software updates and maximum protection. We also provide complete confidentiality to you after the purchase.

DayZ : Standalone - is an open-world multiplayer survival horror computer game developed by Bohemia Interactive. The game is a remake of the eponymous modification for Arma 2, created by game designer Dean Hall.

Attention! - We warn you - Not all versions of WINDOWS are supported. If you have a problem with the correct start of the cheat, then you will need to reinstall Windows on the one that we will give you!.

OBS Bypass : Our cheat is completely EXTERNAL and that is why it will not be visible on the game records! You can stream!
ESP Loot : Highlighting loot on the battlefield
ESP Player : Shows Enemies through walls (ESP BOX)
ESP Zombie : Shows Zombie through walls (ESP BOX)
ESP Line : Shows lines to enemies or zombies!
ESP Name and Distance : Shows Name and Distance to enemies or zombies!
ESP Color[Setting] : You can customize the display colors yourself
ESP Loot[Setting] : You yourself can customize the items that will be displayed!
ESP Distance to draw[Setting] : You can customize the display distance of players - zombies - loot!
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