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Built-in spoofer: No
Anti-cheat: BATTLEYE
OBS Write Bypass: Yes
Supported game modes: All
Supported processors: Intel and AMD
Supported systems: Windows 10, Windows 11


enable aimbot
aimbot trigger button
aimbot radius
enable random bone selection for aimbot
automatic switching to the next target within the aiming radius of the aimbot


ESP inclusion
displaying a square on the enemy
name display
player skeleton display
display of the player's current weapon
displaying the distance to the player
lead point display (up to 500 meters)
bind to display the contents of the player's inventory
bind to display all cities and settlements on the map of Chernarus
zombie display
animal display
display of equipment
loot display
display items on the ground
display weapons on the ground
display everything for weapons (modules, magazines, etc.)
display food and drink
display medical items (blood packs, bandages, etc.)
display different equipment, backpacks and armor
display corpses
display various structures
display the crash sites of helicopters, as well as car accidents
display magnetic north (like on a compass)
loot display distance limit
player display distance limit


inclusion of other functionality
enable constant day
turn off the display of grass, bushes
change aspect ratio


bind to display menu
bind to hide all visuals except players
slow down the cheat by reducing the load on the processor
display aimbot radius
crosshair display