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Private cheat Cycle - Crooked

Game Version | Game version: Steam last
Supported OS only x64 | Supported OS x64 only: Windows 10 and 11
Supported builds: 1903(18362), 1909(18363), 2004(19041), 20H2 (19042), 21H1(19043), 21H2(19044), 21H2 build 22000
Supported processors | Supports Processors: Intel, AMD
Supported Modes | Supported Modes: Windowed
Anticheat | Anti-cheat: BattleEye

Only visible (only visible)
Draw friends (display friends)
Name (names)
Weapon (weapon)
Armor (displays the rarity of players' armor)
Line (lines)
Health (health)
box type:
         Disabled (disable)
         2D (2d box)
         3D (3d box)
Distance (distance)
Skeleton (skeleton)
         Size line skeleton: (skeleton size)
         Skeleton draw distance: (skeleton draw distance)
Draw distance: (skeleton highlight distance)
Corpses (corpses)
Draw distance: (body highlight distance)


Only visible (only visible)
Name (names)
Health (health)
Box 3D (3D box)
Distance (distance)
Draw distance: (monster highlight distance)
Corpses (corpses)
Draw distance: (body highlight distance)


Enable radar/compass
draw monsters
backlight distance:
Position by X:
Position by Y:


Open loot list (open loot list)

Laser drill / Oil pump (location)
Battery (batteries)
Weapon (weapon)
Attachments (modules)
Tool (tools)
Ammo (ammunition)
Ability (abilities)
Equipment (equipment)
Material (materials)
Quest item (quest items)
Container (container)
Other (uncategorized items)
Show amount ( show the number of items)
Show rarity (show item rarity)
Use rarity color (use item rarity color)
Use rarity color for child items (Use rarity color for items within items)
Limit by rarity: (or higher)( limit by rarity of items)
         None (nothing)
         Common (general)
         Uncommon (uncommon)
         Rare (rare)
         Epic (epic)
         Exotic (exotic)
         Legendary (legendary)



Enable aimbot (enable aim)
Do not aim at monsters (do not aim at monsters)
Do not aim at friends (do not aim at friends)
Visibility check
Aim priority:
        Distance (distance priority)
        Crosshair (closest crosshair priority)
Control radius: (radius of control (free zone for moving the sight, taking into account the locked target))
Draw fov circle (Disable FOV visual circle)
Fov: (Fov setting)
Distance: (aim work distance)
Enable prediction
 Draw aim prediction
Bones selection:( bone selection . you can choose 1 bone or multiple bones)
        Head (head)
        Left elbow (Left elbow)
        Right elbow (Right elbow)
        Body (body)
        Pelvis (groin)
        Left knee (left knee)
        Right knee (right knee)
Bone change time: (Bone change time)
Key selection: (key selection for aiming)



No recoil (Danger)
No spread (Danger)
Unlimited stamina (Danger) (Infinite stamina)
Draw active grenades (highlight active grenades)
    Distance (distance)
Draw crosshair (draw crosshair sight)



cross hair color
Visible players color
Invisible players color
Target player color
Friendly player color
Active grenade color
laser drill color
oil pump colo
battery color
weapon color
Attachments color
tool color
ammo color
Ability color
equipment color
material color
Quest items color
container color
other color
Selected lot color
compass color