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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt is an addictive multiplayer battle royale game. It was released relatively recently and in a short period of time managed to gain great popularity among vampire lovers and shoot well. In order to begin to dominate the enemy, it is not necessary to sit for hours in a shooter and fill your skill. It is enough to resort to our auxiliary cheats, which will show you the exact location of the enemy, aim at him and allow you to freely pick up the frag. The software is regularly updated and refined. They have a minimal chance of blocking and an easy start. In case of any problems, we can provide qualified online assistance for free. Use online payment on our website right now and become the best in the vastness of Bloodhunt cards.

Supports game client: Steam.
Works on Intel and AMD processors.

Required operating system: Windows 10 1809 - 21h1 build.

To run you need a USB flash drive. You can also use the virtual version. Before starting the cheat, the game must be in full-screen windowed mode or in windowed mode.

Functionality of the private cheat Soft HUB for Bloodhunt

Aim Bot:

Enable - Enable AIM
Silent - Hits without aiming at the enemy
Only Head - Headshots
FOV - Radius of work AIM
Smooth - AIM speed
Draw Circle - show radius


2D BOX - 2D square
Skelet - Show the skeleton of the enemy
Names - Names
Snaplines - Show lines to the enemy
Eyes Direction - Show the direction of the eye
Health Bar - Show enemy health
Draw Bots - Show bots
Draw NPC - Show NPC
Draw lootable Items - Show loot on the ground


No Recoil - Always shoot without recoil.


Show Radar | Button to enable or disable the radar.
Radar Size | The slider changes the size of the radar to your liking


Selecting AIM Operation Button
Selecting Operation Button Menu