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Our battlefield 5 cheat has a private status. This program is not distributed publicly, which is why we have a long Undetect, we always update the battlefield 5 cheat.
Below you can find a video that demonstrates the full power of our program. The aimbot for battlefield 5 does not miss, the fire is carried out taking into account ballistics. For close combat there is SilentAIM which does not require aiming at the enemy, the bullets themselves hit the target.
Cheat for Battelfield 5 was created for Online (Multiplayer), in any mode. ESP functions allow you to see the enemy and vehicles through walls, there are settings for displaying visible and invisible objects, which allows you not to shoot at the ground unnecessarily.
The battlefield 5 cheat also includes Legit functionality like Radar and people watching you! Allows you to change your behavior in a timely manner so as not to receive reports from players. Our private cheat bypasses the FairFight protection (Anti-Cheat), you can get a block only for playing too frankly.

System: Windows 10 and 11

You will need a USB flash drive to run. Before starting the cheat, the game must be in full-screen windowed mode or in windowed mode.

Works only on NVIDIA graphics cards!

Skeleton | Display opponent's skeletons.
Name | Display distance to enemy and Name.
Health | Displays the health of opponents.
Snaplines | Draw lines to the enemy.
Vehicles Box | Outline the vehicle.
Vehicles Names | Display vehicle name.
Vehicles Health | Display the amount of transport health.
Vehicles Snaplines | Show lines to transport.
Vehicles Dir | Displays the beam where the vehicle is looking.
Spectators Warning | Shows the players who are watching you.
Crosshair | Draws the sight of the cheat.

AimBot | Makes anti-ballistic aimbot
Aim Type | Tim aimbota.
Vector | Vector Aim works within FOV.
Silent Aim | No pickup (works within 15 meters).
Aim Key | Selecting a key for aimbot operation
Head - head.
Neck - the neck.
Chest - chest.
Stomach - belly.
Only Visible - Aim only works on visible enemies
Aim Marker - draws a marker where the aimbot is shooting
Show circle | Displays the FOV radius as a circle.
Fov radius | Adjusting the radius of capturing opponents.
Priority: (priority of aim work)
Crosshair | Will aim at the one who is closer to the sight.
Distance | Will aim at a nearby enemy at a distance.
Smooth | The speed of aiming at the enemy.
No Recoil - Always shoot without recoil.

Show Radar | Button to enable or disable the radar.
Radar Size | The slider changes the size of the radar to your liking.
Radar Opacity | The ability to adjust the transparency of the radar.
Radar Scale | Changes in the display of the distance of points on the radar.
Distance | Includes the distance to the enemy on the radar.
Move | Includes the ability to move the radar around the screen with the mouse.
Players | Enables displaying enemies on the radar.
Vehicles | Turns on the display of vehicles on the radar.

Adjusting colors for selected objects
Players Distance | Distance color to enemies.
Vehicles Distance | Distance to vehicle color.
Others Distance | Distance color to other objects.
Visible Color | Selecting the color of the visible enemy's skeleton.
Hidden Color | The choice of the color of the skeleton of the invisible enemy.
AllVehicles Color | Choice of color for all vehicles.
Att.Vehicles Color | The choice of the color of the used vehicle.