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Try our Aimbot and Bx for Ark Today!

Dominate your opponents with aimbot, input and other functions.
Built-in spoofer to help protect hardware from being banned or remove existing bans on hardware.

Requirements for work:

Windows 10 64bit Build (1803,1809,1903,1909,2004)
Supports Intel & AMD processors


Player ESP - Player Lighting
Distance ESP - Show distance
Box ESP - Boxes
Dino Distance ESP - Show Dinosaurs
Others Distance ESP - Distance to other objects
Corner Box & 2D Box ESP - Enable Boxes
Health Bar ESP - Display HP
Corpse ESP - Corpse Display
Gear ESP - Display Clothes
Torpor ESP - Show Torpor
Sleepers ESP - Illumination of sleeping players
Supply ESP - Highlight additional loot
Dino ESP - Vx on dinosaurs
Container ESP - Highlight containers
Structure ESP - Show Structures
PlantX ESP - In on PlantX
Turret ESP - esp for turrets
2D Radar - Radar
2D Radar Background - Turn on the radar background
2D Radar Outline - radar outline
Draw Crosshair - display crosshair

Aimbot Players - Aim for players
Aimbot Dinos - Aim on dinosaurs
Customizable Hitboxes - Hitbox (where to aim)
Aimbot FOV - Aimbot radius
Customizable Aim Key - Select Aimbot Button

No Recoil - Anti-recoil
No Spread - Anti spread
No Sway - Anti swing weapon
Rapid fire - Rapid fire