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A working private autoshot for the warfare game - AquilaWare, which was created by an experienced cheat developer, was added to the sale. He heard your requests for a cheap, but working, private cheat for Warface and turned your wishes into a good product. This cheat includes three necessary functions, such as autoshot, wallhack and anti-recoil, with which you can easily take the leading places in the lists of players of the PVP mode.


I'll tell you a little life hack how you can start distributing "HeadShots" with this cheat. Take a convenient position where you will see the angle from which the enemies will run out and aim at the level of the head. A person will run out - the program immediately puts a couple of aimed bullets in his head, and due to anti-recoil you won’t even have to leave this place. Or just have fun and enjoy playing with cheat /

This program is convenient in that it can be customized to fit your needs. The delay of the shot is fully adjustable and you can set the values ??from the most powerful, fawn - to values ??where neither the system nor the players understand that you are playing with autoshot.

- Anti-Recoil
- accuracy
- AutoShoot