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Steam, Origin;

Supported processor: INTEL/AMD;

Supported OS: Windows 10 (from version 1809), Windows 11;

Window Mode: Fullscreen, Borderless, Windowed;


AIMBOT [Aimbot]:

Teammate - Aim for a team;

Non Sticky - Do not stick to the target;

Visible Check - Check for visibility;

Ignore Knocked - Ignore knocked out;

Prediction - Prediction of the movement of the target;

First aim key [Head] - The first aim button [Head];

Second aim Key [Chest] - Second aim button [Body];

Distance - Aim work distance;

FOV - FOV circle radius (it is not displayed in the game);

Speed Max - Maximum aim speed;

Speed Min - Minimum aim speed;


TRIGGERBOT - [Triggerbot]:

Enable - Enable triggerbot;

Teammate - Triggerbot per team;

Triggerbot Key - Triggerbot activation key;

Players Glow - [Players Glow]:

Enable (Any Color) - Enable highlighting players (Any color);

Teammate - Highlight teammates;

Glov Key - On / Off key;


Items Glow - [Illumination of items]:

Enable - Enable highlighting objects through walls;

Items key - Key (On / Off) highlighting items;


HWID Spoofer (For some users doesn't work)

Enable - Enable spoofer;

Disk - Change disk id;

Network - Change the network;

CPU - Change the processor id;

SMBIOS - Hide bios ID;