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FP is a private cheat for Apex Legends.

Anti-cheat status:

- EAC: Undetected *

Built-in HWID Spoofer

Game version:

- Last

Features of the cheat:

- Supports all game modes;
- No FPS drawdowns when using a cheat;
- Accurate silent aimbot that is invisible to players;
- Works in full screen mode of the game;

- Intel or AMD processor;
- Work only on Nvidia Card
- Windows 10 versions 1803, 1809, 1903, 1909 and 2004;
Cheat functions:


- pSilent Aimbot (Aimbot without aiming at players, all bullets will fly right on target! Unnoticed by observers!)
- Aim at Players (Aim at players)
- Aim Smooth
- Aim Key (Ability to select the activation button aim)
- Bullet Drop Prediction
- Bullet Speed ​​Prediction (Preemption on moving targets)
- Visible Checks (Checking visibility for an aimbot)
- Adjustable FOV (Changing the angle of view of the aim)
- Ignore Knocked (Does not aim at knocked players)
- Recoil Control (RCS, Adjustable Recoil Compensation)

- Player ESP (Shows players)
- 2D Box ESP (Shows squares)
- Chams \ Glow ESP with visible checks (Outline and highlight player models with visibility check)
- Show Knocked (Shows knocked players)
- Visible Checks (Checking the visibility of players)
- Health ESP (Shows lives)
- Armor ESP (Shows armor)
- Item ESP (Shows game items)
- SkinChanger (Change of skins)
- Limit Distance Item ESP
- Friends ESP (Shows friends)
- Barrel ESP (Shows where the enemy is looking)
- Limit Distance ESP (Limit distance display ESP)

- Lag Factor (Creates lags for your character)