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Purchasing a Fecurity private cheat for Apex Legends has a number of undeniable advantages. First, it is developed by experienced programmers, which guarantees stable updates and feature adjustments. In addition, developers quickly respond to changes in the game, which allows you to always be aware of the latest updates.

One of the main advantages of this cheat is its low chance of blocking. Thanks to the modern anti-cheat bypass method, the probability of being blocked is minimal. This allows you to play safely and enjoy the gameplay without worrying about possible troubles.

Installing and running the Fecurity cheat are also very simple processes. Even if there are any problems, you can always count on free technical support. The development team is always ready to help you solve any difficulties that arise.

The functionality of the Fecurity cheat includes many useful features. For example, AIMBOT with customizable options allows you to hit opponents accurately and quickly. Visual markers of players and loot will help you easily navigate the battlefield and make the right decisions. In addition, you will be able to use various distance units and other features that will greatly improve your gaming performance.

And finally, a nice bonus is the presence of a working HWID Spoofer. It allows you to bypass a hard drive lock or prevent a possible lock. This guarantees your anonymity and protection from unwanted consequences.

All in all, purchasing a Fecurity private cheat for Apex Legends is a great solution for those who want to increase their gaming efficiency and enjoy the game safely and comfortably.

Supported Processors: 2014 Intel ONLY;
The processor must support AVX1.
Supported OS: windows 10-11 x64;
Supported builds: all from 2004 (17134) to 22h2 (19045.2251);
Bios requirements: UEFI mode must be enabled. Accordingly, the format of the disk on which Windows is installed must be GPT.
Compatibility Support Module in BIOS - disabled;
Secure boot - disabled;
CPU with vt-x (virtualization technology) required;

Additional Information:
Project type: internal/external;
Game mode: any;
The cheat is not visible in the video, screenshots or screen sharing;

Program functionality


- enable/disable checkbox.
- aim at shoot
- one aimbot type (vectored).
- visible check.
- enemy only
- controllable speed (0-100%).
- changeable fov (0-15).
- recoil compensation
- draw fov
- target switch delay
- unique hitbox system.
-two aim keys.


- enable/disable checkbox.
- enemy only.
- box.
- box outline.
- health.
- shield.
- skeleton.
- maximum distance.
- player info (nickname, distance, weapon).


- enable/disable checkbox.
- maximum distance.
- categories (ammo, shotguns, snipers, light, heavy, rare, armor, knockdown, misc, backpack, energy, grenade, attachments).
-loot esp keybind.


- nightmode.
- nightmode factor (0-5).
- field of view (0-5.5).
- freecam keybind.
- different distance units (meters, yards, feets).