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Apex - a private tool from the Devotion team provides all the basic functions, with their fine tuning. It has an average price and an undetect of 4 months. With his help, you can play aggressively or legally. Also, our tool is not visible when recording a game, which can be useful for novice streamers.


Works on Windows 10 (20h1, 20h2, 21h1, 21h2) and Windows 11
Supports Intel and AMD processors

Rage functions:
- Speedhack
- Perfect Silent Aim
- Memory Aim

Apex functions -
1. Aim:
Bone | Selecting a bone for aiming
FOV | FOV setting
Smooth | Adjusting the smoothness of aiming

2. ESP:
Visible Check | Visibility check
Dist | Visibility range setting
Box | Boxes
Name | Nickname in the game
Snapline | Lines
Meters | Distance
Heath | Health
Heath Bar | Health flat
Shield | Armor
Shield Bar | Flat armor

3. Glow Hack:
Dist | Visibility range setting
Knockouted | Setting the glow color of a knocked out player
Low Health | Low Health Player Glow Color Adjustment
Medium Health | Setting the glow color for a player with medium health
High Health | Setting the glow color of a player with high health

4. Misc: | Other functions
Spectator list | List of observers' nicknames
Teammate | Watching timeit
Accurately | Precisely observes
Possible | Possibly watching
Show the mini-menu tab | A small menu that shows the enabled functions